About Us          

I am Butterfly Meadow Gifts

We Live in Fort Smith Arkansas

I am a professional Artist and Photographer meaning my images sell and I make some money

I work with 3drose and have been since 2011

I am in Amazon with my products in which she promomtes me

I also have a shop in Red Bubble

These products are not in my house they are in the shops  click the images they have the shop links

I am listed in top 5 pages of google

Please leave a like on the page or product as I get credit and google counts it for hits and rankings ect.

I will do commission art work for $25.00  starting price. every thing else is extra cost

I need clear photo of your pets or simple to do things  no nudes  buildings or landscapes

Pencils and Pens and Inks

You pay with pay pal up front. Contact me by email

I am no longer making crafts. I can do small doggie sweaters

Thanks for Stopping by