About Us          

WE are Butterfly Meadow Gifts

and Amigurumi by Jackie Popp

Crochet and sewn toys and dolls

Send me a photo of what you want me to make

I have lots of patterns

they take me about a week to do up and I have a huge list of orders ahead of you

You will need to pay me with pay pal invoice

I need full information and for you to pay me time of your order.

Commission pet art in pencils or pen and inks or acrylic are $55.00 with out the matt and frames done by

your detailed photos.

I have several of my art and photo images in several online gift shops

Screen printed gift along with my art works

I work from home.

Everything on my site is for sale you pay with pay pal or a creidt card


We live in Fort Smith  Arkansas

with our pet family of 1 papillion and 2 cats.

I am happy to do customer support.

There are never any refunds you may return items at your cost undamaged.

Lettering is a extra $10.00

Email me with your information on the art work. No spamming