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Butterfly Meadow Gifts


Terms and Policies and shipping information.

Read the rules before you order, Hopeing I don't sound negative

But being cheated and bashed from others in the past I have to protect me.

It is my business not yours.

I am a very small work at home business

that I created many many years ago with my art and photography

now it is mostly crochet and sewing  Amigurumi toys and dolls



I make things for people hand made is comeing back

I keep my fees low so everybody can afford

I work the honor system I have no time for drama

I know you know how to read

You are to respect me and what I do for you

There are no hurry up orders

I have long huge lists ahead of you.

I also have health issues 3 kinds of arthuritists with no relief for pain.

so there are many days I can not knit or crochet it comes with fever and eventualy bed time.

The winter months are the pits for me

It is just me makeing you wonderful items

I do my best with what patterns I have sometimes there are none so I have to do as I go

 I ask for photos and colors and measurements for custom orders. I do not keep stock


I also have to rewrite patterns, and if the sizes don't come out right rippit or frogit and redo till its right

all takes a long time to do.  If my fingers are curled back wards inflamed and hurting I do alot of nothing.

Too painful may be 2 days before they straighten back out.


 Lots of time I can not get orders out on time. I really do try to.

So I put Orders take from 2 weeks to 30 days may include shipping time.

All orders go in  boxes small orders go in  the $15 med  shipping boxes anywheres USA


Shipping over seas is going to be higher  cost and you may have to help me out.


You will pay with pay pal invoice they take credit cards.

I need your email address.  Payment is due when I have your order half done or at time of order.  Huge orders over $15.00 pay up front time of order

I will ship over seas where the USA gov allows us to.


I am happy to help you out. Customer support is by email or skype me just leave me a nice message.

Any rudness or drama I have the right to refuse to make your order even if you paid there is no refund.


Speaking of REFUND


I can not help it if the item doesn't fit. I follow all the instructions.

So there is no refund how ever you can mail it back to me and I can try and resell it at your cost.

or hand it to somebody that it will fit and I will make another one that will fit for the same price.


This is why I need exact measurments and half the time I am winging it when I make things as it is.


There are to be no hurry up orders for events

all events I need 3 weeks to 2 months  to get it done on time for you.

So like for holidays ie: Christmas  I need your orders by October 1.



My prices are to where anybody can afford I have happy satisified customers

I sell alot on Fb  see front page to see me


I try very hard to make your items right and pretty and adorable for you

I only ask for respect, share my pages and like my pages where you find us.

google tells all.


This is the only way I can work. I am 61 yrs old

Thank you for shopping with us. Please click the back button to return to home page

by the way I do my own web site things too.


Butterfly Meadow Gifts


Amigurumi toys and dolls


Jackie's Place.