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Butterfly Meadow Gifts
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                                               Jackie Popp        
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To find me on line
Google Jackie Popp Arkansas or Butterfly Meadow Gifts  don't for get to like what you find in the online shops. I am in fb as well

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9 Licenced artist I am copy righted since 2010 professional artist

I am a professional artist and
Photographer meaning my work sells and I get paid. all rights reserved and (c)
protected by law. 2018
Butterfly Meadow Gifts at 3drose

Butterfly Meadow Gifts at Red Bubble

Butterfly Meadow Gifts at Amazon

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Nature and wildlife mugs in Sears

Nature and wildlife Pot Holders Amazon

I do not work for free

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Puppy pillow

Pillow Cases & Pillows @ 3drose by Jackie Popp

Zippered Purse

Zippered Pouches
Male Peacock courtship @ Red Bubble

 My Art and Photography on screen printed products
in online shops 3drose, Amazon and Red Bubble to name a few
I am a professional Photographer and Artist in Fort Smith Arkansas
If you google me you will see where they are all at and I would appreciate a like when you are looking at products. Google Counts me and counts my hits.
I am no longer doing crafts to sell.
  Thanks for stopping by my shops.
I do do commisson art work prices varry on sizes and how long it takes me to do each piece

Papillion Travel Mug photo by Jackie Popp

My dog Spirit Papilion on products
Red Bubble Travel Mugs

Art by Jackie Popp Red Bubble Mugs

Horse mugs in Red Bubble


Falcon Puzzle

3drose puzzles photography by Jackie Popp
$11.00 Amazon Link

Scotty Dog

Pillow Cases 3 d rose


butterfly pot holder

Butterfly Pot Holders 3 d rose and amazon

The Queen Necklace

Necklaces 3 drose and Amazon $11.00

sweat shirts all kinds and sizes

All kinds of sweat shirts all sizes
3 d rose and amazon and Red Bubble

Hound dog hand towel 3 d rose

3drose dish towels  dogs

butterfly red mug

Mugs 3 d rose $7.00


Throw Pillows Red Bubble

Throw Pillows @ Red Bubble

key chains german shephard puppy

Key Chains at 3 drose and Amazon $11.00

Kitten Star ornament

Ornaments 3 drose pets
Also in Amason $12.00

garden flag 3drose
Bell flower 1/4" in size
All kinds of garden flags in Amazon
Under Nature and Wildlife by Jackie Popp

Wall Clocks at Amazon

Wall Clocks @ Amazon
TJ our silkie Yorkie  RIP



Boston Terrier TShirt Amazon

All kinds of Tshrits @ Amazon all sizes $17.00

Scottish Terrier Tote Bag Amazon

Tote Bags @ Amazon $28.00

Seo Services Tools

Tote bags Red Bubble

Orange Julia Butterfly on Cone Flower Tote Bags
Red Bubble

Butterfly Pillow

Orange Julia Butterfly on a cone flower pillows
Red Bubble

Jockey Bear  Red Bubble Jackie Popp Art

Tote Bags Vintage Art @ Red Bubble

dalmation pillow

Pillows at 3drose and Amazon $8.00


butterfly pillow

Red Bubble has pillows

Hopper in pencils Commission Art

Commision Pets Art
In Pencils or pen and inks from photos
This is Hopper our tea cup Yorkie I did yrs ago
$55.99 Paper or canvans
Matt and frames not included in price
Shipping and tax not included

See Art Page Link